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Receive an obligation free offer on your property within hours and sell your home instantly to A Happy Space – no staging, no waiting for a sale, no commission; just Sold.


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We help get your property sold immediately in difficult situations by buying your property from you and removing the need for the normal sales process.

  • No public advertising of your property
  • No selling agent needed
  • No waiting for a buyer
  • No staging for a sale
  • No repeat viewings



Provide a few details to get the process of providing a personalised offer on your personal residential property started.



This service is only open to distressed sellers who need to sell urgently, where speed and convenience is the top priority. For regular sales we provide our free-to-use property marketplace.

Offers are only made on residential homes, which include only houses (fully detached or semi-detached ) and apartments. We do not make offers on empty land of commercial properties.

Properties must be vacant upon transfer out of the existing owners name(s). Meaning, that when the property moves out of your name the property must be made empty of content and occupants.

Any and all owners of the property must reside in South Africa and must be South African citizens.

Although special arrangement can be made to make offers on properties outside of Cape Town, we currently only have Offer Agents available in Cape Town, South Africa, to perform in-person meetings and property inspections.


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