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Do you urgently need sell your personal residential property? Are you going through a heart-breaking divorce, or are you being forced to sell your property at a sheriff’s auction due to defaulting on any payment obligation related to your property, thus potentially opening you up to a 30 year blacklisting?

A Happy Space can be your property solution provider. We provide a helping hand to distressed sellers who need to sell their home very urgently, privately, and with ease.

We assist you by making an offer to purchase your property in as little as 48 hours from your submission! We do our very best to structure the right deal for you to help you out of your financial bind by purchasing your property directly from you. We offer a customised service, catering to your needs and financial capabilities.

We remove the need to publicly advertise your property to find a buyer, thus removing the embarrassment of making your sensitive situation further public. We do not advertise your property openly online in any way while you’re still the owner (unless first cleared with you under special arrangement). We can market your property on a private buyers portal under certain circumstance, one managed and run by A Happy Space, to assist in finding a buyer for you if we are not able to make an offer to you ourselves.

We offer a high turnaround time and are able to offer discounts on conveyancing fees, and do not charge any commission! We provide our own conveyancing attorneys to handle the paperwork and legalities for the offer and transfer. We do all the heavy lifting to help you sell as quickly and easily as possible.

Apply now for an obligation free purchase offer sent to your mailbox.

Note: You must be a distressed seller to apply for this service. We do not make offers on regular, day-to-day property sales.

Do not think that a distressed seller is the same as a distressed property. A distressed seller is a person who has come into severe financial difficulty and cannot afford to maintain their ownership of one or more real estate assets. A distressed seller needs to sell their property/properties as urgently as possible as to not incur further financial pain and difficulty that they could not recover from.

Another possible reason a seller may be distressed is due to an unexpected scenario which leads to a need to urgently sell the property. For example, in a marital divorce. In such a scenario, the couple may need to convert the physical asset into currency that can be distributed between the parties, and/or just to alleviate the legal responsibility of co-ownership. I.e. the property was purchase in wedlock and now the couple needs to go their own ways and no longer own the property together. A scenario like this can, and usually is, very painful. Both parties would want to have a sale processed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

By contrast; a distressed property is a real estate asset that the owner has allowed to fall into disrepair through lack of maintenance and repair. The property itself has become run down and as a result has lost market value.

  • Urgent

    • You are in financial difficulty and need to sell your property urgently. The clock on your affordability is running out and you or your estate agent lists the property as urgent
    • Handled by yourself or regular estate agents
    • Still considered a regular private sale, but with a slight possibility of negotiation for the buyer
    • You are liable for all seller costs
    • Usually a 90 days process
  • Bank Assisted

    • By your request, the bank assists you in selling the property on your behalf. You admit that you cannot afford repayments
    • You still have final word on the sale
    • The bank can give you financial discounts to ease your burden
    • The bank has sole mandate
    • You are liable for all seller costs
    • Usually a 90 day process
  • Post Assisted

    • The bank was unable to sell your property with your approval and opens the sale up to other estate agents
    • You still have the final word
    • This is an open mandate sale
    • You are liable for all seller costs
    • Usually a 90 day process
    • At the end of this phase, once your property goes to sheriff’s aution and the “hammer falls”, you no longer have control or say in the sale of your property
  • Sale in Execution

    • A sale as been unsuccessful even with a number of agents on the case. Your property is now forcefully sold at a Sheriff’s Auction
    • You no longer have a say in the sale; the seller is not involved
    • The buyer is now responsible for ALL costs (any outstanding rates and/or levies, sheriff’s commission, deposit, bidding price, and possibly much more)
    • The bank now needs to bid at the auction to get it’s own property back
    • You are now open to black listing lasting up to 30 years! Meaning, amounts not recuperated from the auction is still expected from you and can be taken from you at any time, for 30 years
  • Property in Possession

    • Better known as Bank Repossessed
    • The bank has settled any outstanding amounts owed and it’s not a clean sale
    • Follows the lines of a normal sale and normal property market value
    • There are no transfer duties applicable at this phase

A Happy Space provides a Property Solutions Provider service to distressed sellers, where we assess your distressed situation and work to make or find – through our network of investors/buyers –  an offer to purchase (OTP) on your property, in the attempt to resolve your financial predicament through the purchase of your property off your name.

We specialise in prevention of sellers going to Sheriff’s Auction. It is highly recommended that if your property is confirmed to go to Sheriff’s Auction (Sale in Execution – Gazetted), that you complete the form below and apply for a quick offer to purchase. We will do everything in our power to make or find a purchase offer for you as quickly as possible to prevent the auction going forward.

We do not guarantee that there will be an OTP submitted to you, or that we will be able to purchase your real estate property from you if you apply. We reserve the right to not make an offer to purchase if we find a purchase not financially feasible.

Feel free to make a submission and direct us to interact with your attorney or estate agent to take matters further.

This services is specifically designed to assist and support distressed sellers – people in financial difficulty, or sellers with distressed properties – properties that have fallen into disrepair and are struggling to find a buyer.

We do not make offers to purchase on normal, non-distressed properties, and feel that those properties should follow the normal sales process and be listed on the A Happy Space Marketplace.

At this time we cannot assist distressed sellers of a deceased estate.

Yes, to a degree.

The location of your property can affect how the offer process will progress. A Happy Space itself mostly makes offers on properties in cities where there is an A Happy Space property solutions provider agent. Through special arrangements with an estate agency in your area, we can have such an agent act on our behalf in your city.

Outside of these cities, we discretely promote your property to a private network of validated and proven investors and buyers who are actively looking for real estate purchases to add to their portfolio. We liaise with such buyers on your behalf and work on your behalf to get an offer to purchase submitted to you. From there, the buyers own conveyancing agents will take matters further.

All of this at no fee or charge to you.

This service is provided free of charge to you! We do not charge any upfront fees or commission related to your property at all to provide this service. We make up our costs from the process of reselling your property onto our own buyers list.

Please be aware that all the usual seller costs and possible estate agent commission still applies to you upon the sale of the property to us or an investor/ buyer in our network.

The process of requesting an urgent offer to purchase is as follows:

  1. You submit a request for an urgent offer to purchase with A Happy Space using the request form below
  2. We confirm the receipt of your submission via email and begin an initial detailed financial and legal assessment based on the information you provide to determine if we can indeed make an offer to you as a distressed seller, or on your distressed property.If we are unable to proceed with a formal offer to you, we will inform you and possibly request that we attempt to source another buyer on your behalf. This request to open the offer up to another privately sourced buyer will likely come as a result of your property being located in an area/city where there is no A Happy Space property solution specialist to physically come and assess your property.
  3. Allow for at least 48 hours for us to assess your unique situation, return to you with questions via email of mobile phone, and then provide an initial sale offer to you via an official email or phone call. It’s at this point that we can discuss the details further and make adjustments to the offer and how the offer is structured. It is possible that other payment plans or agreement structures are needed by you to better cater to your unique circumstance; no one persons situation is the same.
  4. Once both parties has settled on an appropriate agreement and offer price, we formalise the sale in a formal, legally binding Offer to Purchase (OTP) document. This is a legally binding agreement between the buyer and yourself, the seller, confirming the purchase of the property.
  5. It’s at this point that the buyer sources and confirms financial guarantees for the purchase of your property.
  6. If the buyer is purchasing your property using a bond, you will need to provide the appropriate certificates for your region, confirming the compliance of your property to the regions structural, water, and electrical standards, and so forth.
  7. If you as the seller is VAT registered, only VAT is applicable instead of transfer fees.
  8. If your property’s value is under R900 000 (Nine hundred thousand South African Rands), transfer duty does not apply

We will keep you informed on all additional steps, procedures, and costs expected of you along the way, up until the final transfer of the property out of your ownership. Feel free to assign an estate agent to liaise with us, and negotiate on your behalf. Keeping in mind the estate agent commission that will be applicable.

Get an offer back on your distressed property in 48 hours! Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact very soon.

This page is secured. The information provided will be safe and will be sent via an encrypted connection directly to a specialist who will privately assess the details provided and proceed accordingly.

Please be completely accurate with the information you provide. Providing inaccurate information can and will lead to a failure in providing an offer to purchase.

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