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Receive a detailed report on the Comparable Sales market price valuation of a nominated property right in your email inbox. We analyse and determine the exact marketplace value based on comparable sales in the neighbourhood of your nominated residential property in South Africa. Use this value in your property transaction negotiation!

Get a clear understanding of the value of your own property you’re planning on selling, or and understanding of the value of a property you’d like to make an offer to purchase on.

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A comparable sales analysis is a detailed analysis of recent comparable sales of legally and physically similar properties in the same neighbourhood/area as your nominated property, resulting in a market related valuation.

We take into consideration market and area trends currently underway. It is not a detailed analysis of the rental market and the rental value of your property.

Our Comparable Sale home valuation service is designed for two specific types of people:

  1. residential home owners who wish to get a view of what their own property is currently worth in today’s market. This is whether or not the owner wishes to sell their property.
  2. or, parties interested in the purchase of a property who wish to get a market related value for the specific property they’re interested in.

For this we request that you provide your South African identification number to validate whether or not you are an owner of the nominated property. Non-owners of properties who request information will not receive reports with any personally identifiable information contained within. You do not need to be an A Happy Space user to apply for this service.

This service is for residents of South Africa only. 

Receive a detailed report on the value of a specific property, along with statistics and trends on the area the property resides in. The PDF report content is as follows:

  • Property information such as the official description of the property for example ERF number, sectional scheme, agricultural holding, etc.
  • Valuation of the property
  • Municipal valuation (when available)
  • Property Owner information
    • Filtered based on the person requesting the report
  • Last purchase price
  • Comparable sales
  • Transfer/Transaction history
  • Suburb trends

Each report request is handled personally by a specialist of A Happy Space. The process of requesting a report is as follows:

  1. You submit a request of a property report via the A Happy Space website home valuation request from.
  2. We confirm the receipt of your submission and begin an initial validation process based on the information you provide. We confirm that we can indeed provide a comparable sales property valuation for the property you’ve requested, along with which we send an invoice to your nominated email address
  3. You then make payment to any one of our bank accounts, and email a proof of payment to valuations@ahappy.space.
  4. We will confirm receipt of payment and begin compiling a detailed valuation of your nominated property by working with data providers and the South African deeds office to assess and valuate your property as quickly as reasonably possible. We do not need direct access to your property to perform this form of property valuation.
  5. Once complete, we deliver the final report to your nominated email address. This then completes the transaction between you and A Happy Space.

You may request as many reports as you need.

The cost of the detailed valuation report is R200 incl. (South African Rand).

Please be aware that we reserve the right to amend the charge for home valuations at any time or date without notice.

Payment can be made via a bank EFT to an FNB or Capitec South African bank account. Additional payment options and methods will be made available in future.

At this time we DO NOT provide Cost Based nor Income Capitalization valuations.

Types of property valuations:

  • We Offer – Comparable Sales Valuation: a detailed analysis of recent comparable sales of legally and physically similar properties in the same neighborhood/area as your property, resulting in a market related valuation of your property.
  • We NOT NOT yet Offer – Cost Based Valuation: a valuation of a property based on what it would cost to build the property today.
  • We DO NOT yet Offer – Income Capitalization Valuation: a valuation based on the income a property generates, or could generate.

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Disclaimer: Every effort is made to ensure that property valuations are as accurate and representative of the value of a nominated property as possible.

However; Under no circumstances will A Happy Space (Pty Ltd), it’s partners, source data providers, or any subsidiaries be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising from the use of the valuation report or the content therein.